International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People Association

Mezinárodní asociace divadel Pro děti a mládež

Association Internationale du Theatre pour l´Enfance et la Jeunesse


13th Showcase in occasion of World Day of Theatre for Children and Young People

Organized by Arts and Theatre Institute/Czech ASSITEJ Centre,  Association for Theatre for children and young people, Association for creative drama

Supported by Prague City Hall 





Sunday 17th March 2013

Divadlo v Celetné, Celetná 17, Praha 1 tel.: 222 326 843, 608 327 107 e-mail:

14:30 a 17:30        Kašpar                           

                                 Goscinny:  Little Nicholas

Children, take your parents to the theatre!  Stories from the life of little Nicholas and his friends. (For children from 7+).







Monday 18th March 2013

Divadlo v Celetné, Celetná 17, Praha 1 tel.: 222 326 843, 608 327 107 e-mail:

10:30        Divadlo Alfa Plzeň

                  Hubert Krejčí:  Devil’s Source

„No banquet lasts for ever, but the love of two people knows no end. Freely inspired by a Chinese folk tale.“

The production will provide a glimpse into a literature that is for us exotic and a little mysterious, as well as into a fascinating Asian theatrical culture, the principles of which have over the past hundred years also exercised a notable influence over the development of modern European theatre. Our encounter with them is mediated by a distinguished guest, one of the most notable Czech directors of the middle generation, Jan Antonín Pitínský. (For children10+)



19:30      Divadlo Alfa Plzeň


Surviving your own adolescence is no fun. What if your dad happens to be king? And what if he’s murdered by your uncle? And what if your mum is sharing a bed with that same uncle? One morning you wake up, open your eyes and realise that you are surrounded by hypocrisy, unbridled ambition, narrow-mindedness and duplicity. No wonder you start asking yourself bizarre questions (“To be or not to be?”).

Luckily, as well as all these repulsive people in your vicinity, there is also a rather amazing girl. What’s more, it looks as if she might even – in her own sort of way – be interested in you… But getting close to her is pretty difficult. And so you find yourself gradually falling deeper and deeper into chaos…

This darkly grotesque musical about growing up is based on one of the pillars of world drama – Hamlet, William Shakespeare’s most famous tragedy. (For children and youth) 


Tuesday 19th March 2013

Divadlo v Celetné, Celetná 17, Praha 1 tel.: 222 326 843, 608 327 107 e-mail:

10:00     Poetický soubor Divadla Vydýcháno

               Smolíček Pacholíček

On the motive of Czech popular fairy tale.



10:30      Buchty a loutky

                Three Little Pigs

On the motive of English popular fairy tale. (For children  4+) 





14:00    Martin Hak

              Storyteller and Whale´s home



Stories from ice plains so hard as frosty meal, well roasted as a seals fat and instructive as a wound by bear paw. (For children 6+).

19:30    Kašpar

              Romeo and Juliet

Montagues,  Capulets and „Gaspards“!
The most famous love story in unique adaptation for eight actors. Very hot streets of picturesque Verona city, two belligerent dynasties and young love… (For children and youth) 






Malá scéna Divadla Minor, Vodičkova 6 , Praha 1 tel.: 222 326 843, 608 327 107 e-mail:

19:30    Bažantova loutkářská družina Divadelního spolku J.J. Kolár při TJ Sokol Poniklá


Faust by nomadic puppeteers in Tomáš Hájek´s figurated by only one actor like a shadow show. Figurated by only one actor as a shadow show.


20:00    Divadlo Na Holou

              Blood and other Mina´s loves

Horror story by Bram Stoker – Dracula.  (For children and youth)


Wednesday 20.3.2013

Divadlo v Celetné, Celetná 17, Praha 1 tel.: 222 326 843, 608 327 107 e-mail:

10:00    Divadelní soubor kuk! + KUK! + Zpátečníci

               Visit the Mácha´s region!

Two tales about  mysterious territory in neighbourhood of castels  Houska and Kokořín ..


10:30    Zpátečníci

              The ball

Did you take dancing lessons? About first experiences with dance, social behaviour and also about first experiences with more than only friendly relationships…   (For children 14+)


14:00   Skupina Hm…

              Boyish mischief

Musical – theatre  performance composed of  children songs with lyrics by well-known Czech poets..       (For children 6+) 


Divadlo Disk,  Karlova 26, Praha 1 tel. Pokladna (po-pá 16-19.30): 234 244 255)

19:30    Divadlo Športniki


Performance about life and  work of  Juri Alekseyewich Gagarin, the first human in outer Space.  In the course of time Gagarin wil be overcome by many people but anybody will never smile the Word as he used to do.   (For children and youth). 





KD Mlejn, Kovářova 1615/4, Praha 5 – Stodůlky     e-mail:

Wednesday 20.3.2013

9:00     Cirkus Mlejn

              Make Tea!

Poetic new circus grotesce. (For the whole family).



18:00     Cirkus Mlejn


Dance, air and ground  acrobatics – simply new circus. (For children and youth). 



Thursday 21.3.2013

9:00      Cirkus Žebřík

              How the Earth is waking up

Performace about  arrival of spring and  waking up of nature.  About what we forgot long time ago but  what our grandmothers may still remember.  (For children 4+).






Friday 22.3.2013

 9:00       Studio dell’arte

                Old and Czech Legends

Old  Czech legends by Studio dell´arte.  Without pathos but with humor, poetry and plenty of puppets. (For children 8+).