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Association Internationale du Theatre pour l´Enfance et la Jeunesse


2003 – Eva Tálská

Eva Tálská has stayed loyal to her native town since her graduation from Janáček Conservatory in 1968, where she studied directing. She has been one of the main figures in the theater Divadlo Husa na provázku in Brno. Her rich work dedicated to children and her active participation with young audience (the best known are productions as Svolávám všechny skřítky! and Alenka v říši


divů za zrcadlem) paid off in the beginning of the 90`s.Together with prof. Miloš Štědroň, she opened Studio Dům where she offered not only material facilities but also a spiritual place to young people interested in theater. Although bureaucratical and financial complications did not permit Eva Tálská to carry out her original idea – to  incorporate spaces of different abondoned buildings into her every new production – an alternative school of theater was established. For last few years, together with her colleagues, Eva Tálská brings the projects of Studio Dům into the center Centrum experimentálního divadla (Dům pánů z Fanalu). Under her creative force, close to ten major theater creations came to life along with many small projects – with her project Svatbičky, the Studio Dům has toured part of Romania, where a Czech minority is settled – further, the Studio Dům has brought up a new generation of artists who, today, belong among professional theater artists.

Eva Tálská with her project Studio Dům ( as well as with her work in the theater Divadlo Husa na provázku) created an imporant center for theater growth and education of young people. That is why the Czech Center ASSITEJ Award belongs to Eva Tálská for her continual work and support of the development of theater dedicated to children and young people.


Eva Tálská in the theater Divadlo Husa na provázku

Due to regular cancelations from the dramaturgical plan for many years, the project Příběhy dlouhého nosu, inspired by Edward Lear´ poems, finally found a place for realization in 1982. For the needs of the project, Antonín Přidal nearly translated Lear´s complete works, and subsequently, his translation of Lear´s poetry was released by a publishing house, Odeon. The project Příběhy dlouhého nosu completed a long dramaturgical line of “the kings of nonsense“, as Morgenstern, Carroll and Lear – unforgettable theater trilogy by Eva Tálská.


June 1984, the theater troupe Divadlo na provázku, under Eva Tálská´s direction and based on her script, presented first „productions“ of Svolávám všechny skřítky! Královna as an action children´s theater. This creative work blured the boundaries between the audience and the actors as the young audience became involved physically and internally in the story itself as a group of elfs. The project caught an interest of many child psychologists.

In May 1986 was a first performance of a new creative project inspired by The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri. The first dramaturgical concepts of the theater Husa na provázku had mentioned the above work several times, but it took almost twenty years for the theater and the director Eva Tálská to feel fully matured and creatively prepared to start the work on this text.

The annual Czech critics choice nominated Eva Tálská´s production Šibeniční píseň for Alfréd Radok Award among the best theater productions of 1994.

In accordance with a dramaturgical concept of a continual discovery of great playwright phenomenons, the theater Divadlo Husa na provázku produced Shakespeare´s King Lear in 1996. The entire theater ensemble and selected members of the Studio Dům contributed to the creative process under the direction of Eva Tálská.

In the middle of March 1999 Tálská´s production Cirkus aneb Se mnou Smrt a kůň opened – warmly welcomed nonverbal, seventy minutes long theater production from the circus, whose demanding preparation also involved training with professional circus artists. This artistic creation was nominated for an award of Nadace Alfréda Radok as a best production of 1999. The production has been performed not only on its native stage, but also outdoors at the town square in Brno, and in several circuses around the Czech Republic.

Eva Tálská performed another fairy tale, Rozum do hrsti, for children and their parents on the day of the International Children´s Day in 2001. The story was inspired by fables from around the world. The fairy tale was greatly appreciated by children as well as their parents.

In July 2002 Eva Tálská introduced another production, Veselka. The Moravian folk poesy served as a building block for a story of a wedding day intertwined with recallections and fantasies of the groom, the bride, and other wedding guests. Undeniable contribution to this production belonged to the music composer – Miloš Štědroň – and to the scene and costume designer – Jana Zbořilová – longstanding team of Eva Tálská.