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Mezinárodní asociace divadel Pro děti a mládež

Association Internationale du Theatre pour l´Enfance et la Jeunesse


A Sample of Theatre and Dance Showcases and Festivals

The Festival Database of the Theatre Institute has been updated to provide its non-Czech literate users with an opportunity to locate festivals easily and with more information. Each festival entry contains a short description about the festival in English, as well as the contact information of the festival organizers.


To give you a taste of what’s happening in and around the Czech Republic this fall, here is a brief list of festivals. For a complete list of festivals, check out the database on the website:


Multicultural Festivals


17.9. 2005

Babi léto (Indian Summer) Festival at the Bohnice Psychiatric Hospital Grounds

Theatre, Music and Interdisciplinary Arts Festival

Jindřišská 5

110 00 Prague 1




Integration of the Sun – Autumn

Theatre, dance and music festival for mentally and physically handicapped


Nitranská 9

130 00 Praha 3



Theatre Festivals



This Summer Festival

An Ocean of Theatre and Music on Prague’s Watersides and beaches



Summer on Letna Festival

Theatre festival located on Prague´s Letna Plain. Music, theatre and circus productions for the entire family.

Společnost Gaspard

Kouřimská 12, 280 00 Kolín 1



Vyšehratky Theatre on Vyšehrad 2005

Festival of independent theatre companies takes place throughout the entire complex of the Vyšehrad National monument in Prague.

Studio Damúza

Řetězová 10

110 00 Praha 1



Mimorial Kolín

International Festival of Nonverbal Theatre

Jiří Turek, Mánesova 88

120 00 Praha 2



International Festival of Theatre for One Actor – Biennial

Divadelní nám. 10

350 11 Cheb



Summer Shakespeare Festival

The Summer Shakespeare Festival is a summer showcase of theatre productions performed in the courtyard of the Burgrave Palace at the Prague Castle. It was originally initiated by President VÁCLAV HAVEL, and now the theatre project has expanded to include outdoor productions performed with the ancient backdrops of Castles of Prague, Brno and Bratislava (Slovakia).

Anenské nám. 2

112 13 Praha 1



Summer Festival of Actors ´Individualities

Summer showcase of contemporary plays featuring well-known Czech and Slovak acting personalities



International Festival THEATRE

The Theatre Festival aims to introduce the most outstanding and remarkable foreign productions, together with a digest of Czech theatres within a broad theme and genre (drama, music, dance, puppet or street theatre), and to create a meeting point for people involved in theatre.

Prokopova 14

301 35 Plzeň


28.9. – 28.10.2005

Waiting for Václav Festival of Big Little Theatres

The month-long festival is hosted on the large stage of the Klicper Theatre in Hradec Králové

Klicperovo divadlo Hradec Králové

Dlouhá 99

500 02  Hradec Králové



Krakonoš´ Theatre Autumn (Krakonošův divadelní podzim)

National showcase of regional theatre companies, with organized seminars, directing courses, and classes about scenography

IPOS – Artama, Blanická 4

P.O.BOX 12

120 21 Praha 2



Festival of Moravian and Silesian Theatres

Ostravská 67

737 35 Český Těšín




Showcase of performances of the Municipal Theatre of Zlín

tř. T. Bati 4091/32

761 87 Zlín



Cinderella (Popelka) Festival

National showcase of drama performances for children

Blanická 4

P.O.BOX 12

120 21 Praha 2



Prague Theatre Festival of German Language

International festival of theatres from German speaking countries

Karlovo nám. 28

120 00 Praha 2



Puppet Theatre Festivals



Spectaculo interesse

International puppet theatre festival containing some workshops

Pivovarská 15

729 82 Ostrava 1



One Flew over the Puppetry Nest

Professional, amateur and alternative best puppet performances from last season

Celetná 17

110 00 Praha 1