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Czech Orchestras – Directory of Czech Symphony and Chamber Orchestras – Publication

Following the success of the Czech Music 2004 project, promoting Czech music at home and all across the world, the Theatre Institute, the Czech Music Council and the Arts Institute have recently published the director of Czech Orchestras. Published in English, the handbook is ideal for those wishing to obtain contacts and background information about the professional and amateur orchestras based in the Czech Republic.

Czech Orchestras presents the vast panorama of Czech Symphony and Chamber orchestras including their history, a short profile of their activities and contact information about their current personal administration. The list of orchestras is a representative selection of the organizations that currently exist in the Czech Republic. The publication also provides an interesting look at the brief history of Czech orchestras, dating back to 1831 when orchestras in the spa cities of Teplice and Karlovy Vary were prominent.

Price: 5 Euros (+pp and VAT where applicable)

The 5 CD collector’s edition of the Czech Music is also available. More information about the Czech music CDs can be found here.