International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People Association

Mezinárodní asociace divadel Pro děti a mládež

Association Internationale du Theatre pour l´Enfance et la Jeunesse


Meeting of Theatre and People 2001

Evaluation of the 17th Meeting of Theatre and People in Ostrava, held November 15-18, 2001.

This year’s Meeting of Theatre and People in Ostrava differed considerably from previous meetings on a number of issues. First of all in the ages of the performing companies. There were ensembles of the youngest children “Malik” and “Pripravky” (preparations) of the DIVIDLO (Ages 5 -10), of children’s ensembles (HUDRAADLO, Zliv, BRNKADLA, Brno), of youth groups (KSNDY, Brno) and some sections of DIVIDLO and members of the Workshop up to groups of adults and older participants, particularly the Slovak troupes. The audience for which performances were intended were just as varied. There were the fairy-tales for children (“Otesanek” by DIVIDLA, “About the sparrow with a cut-off tongue” or “Slavik” (nightingale) by HUDRADLA Zliv), the non-sensical poetry of the STRELKA company of Cesky Tesin (“Twice from the Book of Nonsense by Edward Lear”) An interesting attempt to dramatize the life stories of children (Na Tabore (in camp)), or Werich’s tales “Az opada listi” (when the leaves fall) the ensemble KSANDY, Brno up to classical forms of Comedie dell Arte (Comedye of Frantisce…by the DIVIDLO, Ostrava “Brigid’s Wedding” by BRNKADEL, Brno up to the specific stage production intended for all generations (“Dva muzi v sachu” by DIVIDLO, “Samko Tele or O cintorine” by DS DAXNER Tisovec, Slovakia, or the “Nevesta hol” by DS Doubleface of Bojnice.) Lovers of poetry theatre could also get satisfaction from (“Valerie…” by DIVIDLO, Ostrava and “Nahradni slavnost” of the DS ALTERNA of Rimavska Sobota, Slovakia.

An independent and natural height were two performances of the participants of the summer Workshop of young people of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany and Poland – “Orpheus and Euridice” The fifty-five minute whirlwind of music, motion, lights, costumes, scenic details, but mainly the tremendous energy and communication of the 45 children aged fifteen to twenty-five, supported by adult professionals (Vlado Sadilek, Marian Lacko, Renata Bubniakova, Vladislav Georgiev, Hanka Strbova, Jitka Kvasnickova) but also by those who “only” helped with the organization, certainly entertained and engrossed all 260 spectators on Saturday, as well as the 220 on Sunday afternoon. And then it says there is no interest in the theatre….There were 185 of direct performers (and those participating in discussions, directing, sleeping, eating and falling in love, passing through Ostrava, not watching television).