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Ministry of Culture Awards, 2004 – J. Návratová

The Ministry of Culture Awards took place for the second time on November . The awards were given to three outstanding individuals for their service in the field of the fine and performing arts.

For the first time last year, the Czech Ministry of Culture awarded prizes for the contribution to the disciplines of theatre, music, and fine arts and architecture, and based it on the tradition of the 20th century. This year, nine artists were nominated in the three categories.

In the category of theatre, the award was given to Otomar Krejča, director and founder of the legendary Theatre Beyond the Gate (Divadlo Za branou), for his lifetime work of presenting the fundamental contribution of Czech theatre culture.

In the category of music, pianist Ivan Moravec received the award for his lifetime artistic interpretation of piano repertoire and the promotion of Czech music.

In the category of visual arts and architecture, the jury selected to award the prize to the father of Czech painters Václav Boštík for his life-time service in the field of plastic arts.

Last year, the Ministry of Culture Awards were given to director David Radok, composer Marek Kopelent and painters Jitka and (the late) Květa Válová.

(Pictured here: Emil ViklickýIvan Moravec and Otomar Krejča)