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ASSITEJ 01/07 Newsletter about Czech Theatre is Now On Line!

The newsletter for those interested in the world of Czech Theatre and Dance

Published by the Theatre Institute in Prague

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Rock´n´Roll –Tom Stoppard´s Reflection of Czech History

– Kamila Černá

The Czech premiere of Tom Stoppard´s newest play at the National Theatre in Prague is the first staging of the play outside of Britain. Stoppard dedicated the play to Václav Havel – partly inspired by the fate, ideas and sentiments of the Czech dramatist and former president.

Click here.


Morávek´s Continued Search for Happiness on the Stage

– Kamila Černá

Vladimír Morávek´s latest staging of Maeterlinck´s L´Oiseau is a minimalist musical that with a few more runs should evolve into a strong production. Click here.


The Komedie Theatre’s Continued Quest to Fix the World

– Josef Mlejnek

This low-key, intimate production of the play The World-Fixer (Der Weltverbesserer) is the third in a series of productions of the work of Thomas Bernhard staged at the Komedie Theatre in Prague by director DušanPařízek. Click here.


Pitínský: Staging Three Characters from the Tales of Božena Němová

– Jan Kerbr

In his latest production, J.A.Pitínský uses his clever tactics to bring characters from the Czech mother of literature Božena Němcová together on one stage. A clever picture of the provincial Czech life. Click here.



Czech Dance in Action DVD 2006 Now Available

– Don Nixon

The Theatre Institute has created the second Czech Dance DVD with excerpts of 16 of the best dance productions, as selected by the Dance Department of the Arts Institute. Free copies are available by Click here.



Puppet Theatre Highlights – At Home and Abroad

– Nina Malíková

A brief look at the world of Czech puppet theatre – Spejbl and Hurvínek celebrate their anniversary, awards, The Day of UNIMA, exhibitions and much more. Click here.


Sacrebleu, mordye, who is going to kill who?

– Kamila Černá

The plot of Alfa’s Musketeers is simplified as much as possible, as is the easily comprehensible language spoken on stage – a sort of Esperanto-macaroni, featuring the universal language of baby-talk, several notoriously familiar English, French or better still ‘international’ expressions and lots of interjections. The production has already won several awards in the CzechRepublic.. Click here.



Prague Quadrennial 2007 – Just Four Months Away

– Daniela Pařížková, Sodja Lotker

The count down is on as Prague prepares for the world’s largest exhibition of scenography and theatre architecture. The City of Prague will come to life with theatre from June 14th to the 24th!  Click here.



Director of the Theatre Institute in Prague to be New Director of the National Theatre

– Don Nixon

Director of the Theatre Institute in Prague Ondřej Černý will become the new Director of the Theatre Institute. His successor will be determined over the course of the next two months.Click here.


Czech Centres and the Theatre Institute – Promoting Czech Theatre Abroad

– Don Nixon

Similar to the Theatre Institute, the Czech Centres strive to provide the foreign public with information about the culture, trade, education and tourism. The websites of each Czech Centre is filled with information pertaining to each of the related fields. Click here.


New Projects Added to the Catalogue of Recommended Theatre Productions

– Don Nixon

Four new projects have been added to the Catalogue of Recommended Theatre and Dance Productions administered by the Theatre Institute. Click here.



Planning Ahead for the Spring Festival Line Up

– Don Nixon

This Spring, many fascinating festivals will take place all around the CzechRepublic. Here are just a few that are in store for you.Click here.







Don Nixon



Sodja Lotker, Don Nixon: Experimental Theatre

Jana Navrátová, Roman Vašek: Dance

Jan Kerbr, Kamila Černá: Theatre / Drama

Nina Malíková: Puppet Theatre

Pavel Vokatý: Webmaster



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